Blue Nights

This last week my boyfriend and I went on a four day trip. We had to go to my parents house to drop our little princess off. So she could have her own little vacation as well. Then we started the trip. First stop we went to this little cafe called Chocolate Cafe. They have a lot of different choices of coffee, pastries, chocolates, and other food choices.


Next stop on our trip was wineries! My boyfriend surprised me. We had never got to go to any wineries before. So this was really special to me that we got to do this together for the first time. 

The first winery we went to was one that an old friend of mine owns called Lazy Ballerina. We tried the wine tasting that they have we tried about five different wines. Of course, we had to buy a wine we bought a peach wine.

The place we went to next was Round Barn public place. This was more of a brewery. We tried their beer cheese and potato chips. I had a weekend red wine. I love sweet wines but this to me tasted drier than I prefer.

 Once we got done we went to Lemon Creek winery. I knew the old owner but now their son owns it I met him a few times. We got the wine tasting and tried five different wines. Then we tried a new wine so we had tried a total of six. The last one was an ice wine. It was a very good wine. I’d say that if I could I would drink ice wine all the time it was so delicious. 

The next winery we went to was Dablon wines. They didn’t have a lot of sweet wines so we had to try a dry wine first then go to the sweet ones they did have in the tastings. We learned a lot about wine too. Even got a recipe to make a holiday wine.

We went to Tabor Hill Winery next. We even got a discount from this one for a half off discount for a tasting at their sister property which was Round Barn the winery. 

You guessed it that’s where we headed next and of course last. We tried 3 wines and 3 beers. I’m not big on beer so I let my boyfriend have those and I just tried the wines. I loved their version of Moscato it was a perfect blend of sweet and fruits.

Then we finally went to Michigan City to stay at the Blue Chip Casino Resort. We had dinner there at The Game sports bar. They had really good potato soup. After there we went to the game floor and played a few machines then we went to the pool and swam a bit before going to bed for the night. 

This was the first day of our four-day trip. It was a fun day and I say we did a lot for the first day. I will be posting things from the other three days later. I hope you enjoy my blog about the first day of our trip. Please subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on anything.

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