Beautiful Day

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Lately it has been rainy and hot out but today it was really nice out. We took a drive to Fort Wayne, a few hours away. We stopped at the local Starbucks before we got on the express way, and got our usual drinks.

I love Starbucks strawberry frappe, they have a great reward program too. If you’ve never had it, or Starbucks I recommend them very much.

We went to Fort Wayne to spend time with family. But the day was just so nice. At first it was cold, of course mornings usually are lately, but as the day went on it became nicer.

My youngest had so much fun that on the way home she fell fast asleep. She is such the cutest when she’s sleeping. It’s like how in the world did we make sure a sweet cute little princess.

After our visit we drove back home, and went to my favorite restaurant hacienda. We had a very nice time and had some really good food. When we were done we got our boxes to go and it was so cute she immediately took her food and just started throwing it in the box like she knew it was time to go.

It was a very nice Saturday. We really enjoyed our day and our time with family. Can’t wait for the next visit for us to go visit family.

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