Detroit Belle Island

The next day when we woke up we went to Belle Island. They had a couple things that we really wanted to see. There was an aquarium, a museum about ships, and a zoo. The zoo was closed but the rest was nice. It was a big Island not a lot was going on with it being winter and all.

Seeing the different fish were really cool. I love to see different types of water life. They had an alligator turtle, at first we didn’t realize it was real but when you look closer you could tell.

After the aquarium we went back to Detroit and went to the tunnel that goes to Canada. We wanted to go sightseeing a little. We went to Cesar’s casino. That was fun. We even got a picture of all the different kinds of money they have.

We played a little bit then decided that we would tour the town a little. We went to a mall just walked around a little bit. We went in to a few places that you can make wine. Only thing is it takes a month to make so if you don’t plan on going back you should not try to make it. They do however ship it to you. At least some places do.

We decided to go back to the states and go to our favorite restaurant, Wahlburgers for dinner.

I wasn’t feeling 100 percent so I just got a chili. It was really good. My boyfriend got a sandwich and I got a white wine and he got a beer.

Afterwards we went to a few casinos and then back to the hotel. The next day was our last for the trip. We had a very fun filled last full day.

The next morning we went to the Renaissance Center. There wasn’t much opened and you couldn’t go very high. They had a lot of cool cars that we liked.

We spent about an hour or two there. Then we went to have brunch at a restaurant and I got my mimosa. They had a deal $7 for first one then $2 for everyone after. We walked around a little bit and looked at the pretty lights. We drove past the tigers stadium as well as the Detroit lions stadium. That was pretty cool.

That night we ate at a bbq place called Slows BBQ they had really good bbq. We ordered the triple bbq plate it came with chicken pork and brisket. Then we got to dip the food in different bbq that they had. Our favorite was apple bbq. After that we ended the night.


    • hopejoy90

      You are very welcome. I grew up near Saint Joseph, Mi. I had never been there before. It was a lot of fun. It was kind of run down but that could be because of it being winter time. I am sure it is probably nicer in the summer. It was free to enter the island so to me it was worth it.

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