Detroit Lights

I know I have talked about a trip that my boyfriend and I went to before to Detroit. This post is about our trip this time. We recently went to Detroit and stayed in Southfield.

After we left Blue Chip Casino, we drove all day to Detroit. On the way, we stopped in Marshall, Michigan and ate at the local Denny’s. This Denny’s makes you think you went back in time. The building is so shiny and the inside makes you think you’re in an old diner from the 1900s.

The food was great and the service was amazing and friendly. Back on the road, we drove through the rest of the way there. The hotel room was so nice. I did a quick room tour video that I posted up on my Instagram.

Once we were settled in we went out to the town. We went to Hardcore Pawn shop. We went there before the last time we were in Detroit but it was closed so we were not able to go in. This time however it was opened so we were able to go in and check it out. Definitely not like the tv show. It was still fun.

If you have ever watched 8 mile then you would remember the trailer park that Eminem lived in. We went to see it. Although we couldn’t remember which one was his. It was still pretty cool.

Then we went to dinner at this nice pizza joint it was a Chicago style pizza. Very yummy. After dinner we went to walk around town there was a beautiful big tree in the middle of Detroit.

I love Christmas time, it is always so pretty the lights the trees, and of course the music. It is just so romantic. I’m not a person much for the cold but I definitely love the beauty in it.

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