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I’ve gone my whole life being told to treat others how you want to be treated. Problem is I treat everyone to nice. There comes a time in your life where you realize that you really don’t have any friends. No one wants to find out they have fake friends. Very rarely do you actually still have friends from when you were younger or in high school. 

I hate to say it but I just recently realized that I don’t have any friends. We threw a Halloween party and like all Halloween parties we invited who we thought were our friends. This of course was our second year hosting a Halloween party. 

We sent out the invites two months before and people said they were coming some said they couldn’t and some said maybeand some either looked or didn’t look but didn’t reply.

We gave updates the week leading up to the party. Day or two before I messaged a few of my “friends.” They all of a sudden couldn’t come. That’s when a lot of my “friends” started making a lot of excuses to why they could not come. 

Day of the party I also sent a message to another couple of my “friends” and even more excuses. I had one friend that had a legitimate excuse so I wasn’t mad at her. I had another friend who’s car was broke down. Everyone else though, I highly doubt their excuses were true. 

One of my “friends” I didn’t believe her excuse because she did the same thing last year. She used the excuse that her boyfriend wouldn’t let her use his car. This year she used the excuse that her boyfriend had to work the next morning.also that she gets scared to drive at night. 

That same person and I got in to it last year as well. The day of my party last year she posted on her Facebook that she wanted to go somewhere and that nobody invites her to things.

Well obviously I invited her to my Halloween party so that made me mad and I commented on her post. I said I invited you to my Halloween party that’s going on right now yet you are not here. She replied by well you live so far away. I live 45 mins from her. 

I of course said well two people that I don’t know and my sister came to this party and they live the same distance away. As well as some friends of my boyfriend came and they live 2 hours away. 

It’s funny how I would go to things she invited me to. I’m the same distance from her as she is from me. Yet she can’t go to the one major party I throw a year. Infact the last party I threw that she actually came to. Was my youngest son’s first birthday party. He’s now six. Half the parties I did throw was at my grandpas house or my moms. They live litterly 10 mins from her if that.

So when I threw my daughters party I didn’t invite her because I didn’t want to waste an invite on someone who won’t even show up. Then around the time I sent out my invites this year she invited me to come over.

I figured cool we will hatch things up and go back to being best friends. Well that’s what I thought. We talked about my Halloween party and she said she definitely wants to go and that she would be there. 

Well as I already stated she never showed so yea that was a lie. So of course I was upset at the party and told my boyfriend I don’t want to do another party. My friends didn’t show up last year and they didn’t show this year. So I just don’t want to deal with the stress or the disappointment.

This was a wake up call for me. That I realized that I have no friends and that I need to stop trying to make some. No one wants to be my friend apparently so I should not want to be friends with anyone either. 

As my boyfriend always says it’s him, me, and the kids always have always will. So even though it sucks that I don’t have other adult friends to hang out with when I get a day off. Or when I want to do something or vice verse. I don’t want to have fake friends that just say they will show but don’t actually do show. 

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  • Tim Willow

    I think you’ve just invented a time saving device to save you from fake friends.

    Although everyone gets older people change,priorities change.

    You just can’t spend time on people who won’t return the favor.

    Comments are working 🙂

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