Fall time

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Fall time, leaves are falling on the ground, pumpkin spice is mentioned everywhere. It gets colder even, it’s my 3rd favorite season. I love the fall colors and the cute sweaters and boots but I don’t like the cold nights.

I took some really good pictures of my kids in the leaves last year they turned out really well. I actually learned how to use the portrait mode on my camera on my phone around that time. So I was playing around with the looks.

There is nothing more special than seeing my kids as happy as they are when they are with their mom. This year so far we have not gotten a lot of leaves. Which is ok that just means summer gets to be here a little longer.

One thing I do love the most about fall is my coffee trips. I love Starbucks and just last year they opened a new Starbucks up down the road from us. Yay! A new honey whole! If I could I would go to Starbucks every day.

Another thing I like about fall is that I can make things with the kids with the leaves. Last year we made leaf people and we used them for our Halloween party as decorations. Which brings me to my next thing that makes fall nice Halloween. Am I getting a head of my self?

I don’t think so, because every store you go in has Halloween decorations up. Last year we had our first annual Halloween party at our new house it was a really fun time! We already sent out our invites for this years.

I like the suspense and spookiness that comes with Halloween time. I think this year we will make some scary cupcakes or something. A few years ago I made these Halloween cupcakes that had what looked like broken glass in them with red food coloring for blood. They looked really cool.

I’m thinking that is what I’ll make for this year. I like the color of the leaves when they change. Of course when you see that you know it’s just a matter of time before fall is over and winter begins.

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