Halloween Crafts

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If your like me you love to make new crafts with your kids. You like to search around on the internet for great ideas to do with your kids. One thing I love to make is little ghost pops! They are really cool and the kids love to make them.

This is especially perfect for Halloween parties at school. They are so quick and easy that you can make them while you help your kids with their homework or even while you watch a game of football or your new episode of the bachelor.

What you need:

Tootsie pops

String (any color is fine)

White tissue paper

Black marker

What you do:

1. Take the tissue paper put it over the sucker. This is the ghost part.

2. Tie the string around it and tie it in a bow. It kinda makes it look like it has a bow tie.

3. Then use the marker to make eyes on the tissue paper. Hey a ghost has to see to spook you.

You can make these for any thing that’s Halloween. If your kids have a Halloween party you can use this idea for them to take to school. You can even make these for Halloween to hand out to all the kids. It really is simple quick and easy and the kids love to help.

You can even make other things not just ghost. You can make witches and spiders, even bats. Before you know it you will have a whole bunch.

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