Handoween Crafts

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It’s October yay, and what better things to do leading up to Halloween than making a bunch of Halloween crafts with the kids. I love making things with the kids one thing we made just the other day was crafts with our hands. We made a ghost, a cat, and a spider.

What you’ll need:

Construction paper


Paint brushes

Sponge brush

And of course your hand

What to do:

Take the sponge brush and paint all of your hand the color you want (example a ghost is white so we painted it white)

2. We placed it down and held it for 10 seconds. Then we took it off and let it dry. While they dry you can watch tv or play a short game. The paint we used drys quickly.

3. Once it drys you add the color details and your done. It doesn’t take much or long and the kids have fun doing it.

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