Happy Trails

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Do you love going on trips? Of course you do. We all do I’m sure. I for one know that my family loves going on trips. It’s one of those quality time outings that make amazing memories. Most recently we went on a trip to this place called Hocking Hills. It’s in Ohio and it is a really nice cabin out in the woods. No joke it’s really out in the woods. You have no reception which makes it even more perfect. It helps make spending time with your family even more special because of the quality time you get together.

We had so much fun when we went. We were there for four days. The first day we got there was really nice. We got there in the afternoon so we didn’t really go anywhere. We just enjoyed the cabin and the wilderness around us. The first night after the kids went to sleep my boyfriend and I found this book that previous cabin goers wrote in. They wrote about the time they had there and the things they enjoyed the most about the cabin and the caves they went and seen.

The next day we made breakfast and hung around in the hot tub in the morning time. While our youngest slept the older three went on a treasure hunt right outside the cabin. They had so much fun finding the treasures that were left behind. (Their uncle and aunt were there a few months before and hid the treasures that they found.) It was a very rainy day so they jumped in their swimsuits and went hunting for the clues.

They were so happy and excited when they found the treasures. And when they found the correct key to open it. The looks on their faces were priceless. When our youngest woke up from her nap we made lunch and relaxed a bit. Then a little while later we went out to a cave called Ash Cave. The scenery was just beautiful. There too the kids had a treasure to find. They were really excited to find this amazing treasure that was hidden just for them.

When we came back to the cabin later that day we hung out in the hot tub and talked about the day and what they enjoyed the most. Then we watched a movie on the tv with a nice lit fire in the room. It was really romantic for me and my fiancé just the views and spending our quality time as a family together.

The next day which was our last full day there in the cabin, we just made a bunch of food snacked all day and relaxed in the hot tub. It was raining this day too. So we enjoyed being a family. The boys played with the puzzles and the girls just had fun swimming and being sisters. It was a very nice and much needed trip. I know my boyfriend was happy that we had no cell service because he says I’m on my phone a lot even though I don’t think I am.  But the next day when we woke up we made breakfast packed our bags wrote our entry in the book about our stay and headed home. If we could go back all the time we definitely would.


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