Kids grow up to fast

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We have all been there, watching our babies learn new things. Their first time they crawl, their first steps, their first solid foods, potty training stages, etc. What really gets me, is when they start school. That is when they show you that they are growing up to fast. That’s when they start showing they can be more independent.

That they can do things on their own. It’s one of the many saddest days you’ll come across in their lives. It’s the day they go out and get new friends. I for one don’t like when my kids go to school. I know they need their education, and think of me as selfish. Its just that miss them all day and I just want to call them to where I am in the house and give them hugs or play with them and cuddle.

My thoughts are always “I wish they were home with me.” of course with us as adults we know they need this transition. It may not always be what we want but it’s what they need in their lives. My three oldest just went back to school.

Even though my two are at their dads and my boyfriend’s son is at his moms, usually during this time it’s still upsetting to know when I get my two on my Sunday that the next day they will be going to school and I won’t have anymore weeks to play and spend all day with them like I usually do.

Don’t get me wrong I love to hear about their day at school even though I’m not there. They always say it was fun or OK, but they never really want to tell you what they did that was fun or OK. They usually just want to get home so they can do their homework and then play.

Since we have a long car ride home everyday it makes it easier for me to get all the info out of them about school. It never gets easier, they say it does but it doesn’t. It makes me wonder how my parents did it.

I’m the youngest of six and up until I was 5 my mom stayed home with me. I’m sure by time I was school age my mom was probably thinking I’ve sent 5 other kids off for their first day this one will be a breeze. I’m sure that is not the case though. Mostly because my dad worked at the school. So I always had my dad there at school.

My kids don’t have mom or dad at school with them like I did so it’s a different ball park. My kids have their grandma there because she works at one of the schools so she is always there for them if need be. It’s not the same for parents though.

Not every parent can be at the school and see their kids all day. We do end up powering through it. We go to work and do our jobs to get our minds off of the usual questions. Is my child having fun? Are they missing me? Are they making friends? Are they being nice? These questions I’m sure goes through all our heads at one point.

Sure enough though it’s still always tough when they go back to school. It’s one of their firsts that you will cherish your whole life. I’m happy that with my youngest I still have a few years before she will start school.

I know that day will be here before I know it. My last baby will have her first day and when she does I know it will be hard on me. I will want to go to school with her just so I can be there for my baby. Even though I know she has to do that on her own.

Us as parents we are there to guide them in the beginning years we are there to teach them and get them ready to go to school. When I take my older two to school I literally wait till they go inside to leave. I know they are safe at school but I like to make sure. I will continue to be the mom that does that to. Till they start driving to school or graduate. That is another story all on its own. Let’s just hope that one does not come as fast.

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