New Year New You

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Everyone always makes New Years resolutions. Some stick with it, some try to, and some just don’t at all. This blog is not about that actually. I am actually going to talk to you all about a surprise trip that my boyfriend took me to last year for New Years. 

He planned it all and it was a huge surprise for me. With it being New Years our kids actually were already gone so it worked out perfectly. 

He took me to Detroit, not the gross part of Detroit it was actually really pretty. We drove all afternoon and when we got to the hotel I was in for some more surprises. 

Once we got settled in we went in to town. He took me to a nice casino that they had there. It was three stories tall. They had their players cards set up where you can access them on your phone. As well as the regular cards. The phone way though, you can plug your phone up to there machines. 

We went to this really nice restaurant pub called, ”The BBQ Pig.” I got this Irish hot chocolate, and he got his usual Corona. It was a cute little pub. Then we went to two more casinos. 

The next day we went to see Michael Jackson’s gravesite, hardcore pawn shop, and Motown. We ended the night casino hoping till we found one to stay at till midnight. 

The next day we went home picked up the kids from their dads. They told us that they didn’t do anything for new years. So we went home, found the ball drop recording. We then poured the kids some sparkling grape juice. We ended the night toasting to the new year’s and watched the ball drop. They really enjoyed that it was like they were with us the whole time.

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