Nice people!

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Last Saturday we took our youngest to this farmers market named Bullard Farms Market. We never been there before so we were not knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

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It was busy because they had some special thing going on. It didn’t look really huge, just a little small farmers market. When we got there we seen a tractor pulling around some kids on a hayride, and live music in the seating area.

We were picking out some pumpkins for the kids. A nice guy came up to our little princess and asked if she wanted to do a ring toss. Of course even though she’s two she knew not to talk to strangers because she hid her face shyly and said no.

My boyfriend, her dad, did the ring toss for her and won her a pumpkin cookie. She loved that and wanted to eat it. We got our pumpkins and paid for them

The people at the register were so nice, one of the nice people even helped us put our pumpkins in the truck. We definitely liked this place and want to go back. They are really nice to their customers and treat them like family and friends.


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