Oh Canada!

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Yes that’s right oh Canada! If you read The Big Apple in my last post then you would have seen where I talked about my graduation trip. Well this is technically part two, if you want to count it like that. Why is it part two? well because in part one I talked about my trip to New York City with my boyfriend. Well after we left the hotel from New Jersey we drove to Canada. We had to do all the usual stuff go though customs, explain why we were there, all that.

We had no cell service only because every phone call and text cost more than it usually would since we were in a different country. It was a very fun part of the trip. I had never been to Canada. So it was defiantly a new adventure for me. Our hotel was very beautiful. We even had a great view of the falls. Oh did I mention we went to Niagara falls? At night the falls light up.

We stayed on the Canadian side and I’m glad we did. They had an amusement park about 4 blocks from our hotel. Our hotel was connected to a casino. We had to walk through a tunnel to get to it but it was pretty neat I think.

We even did a tour that took us down into the falls it was called a Journey to the Falls. We also took a boat ride in to the falls as well. The tour included a movie that consisted of how the falls were made. It was one of those things that you get to be a part of the movie. You Stand on this platform and it moves during the movie. Water splashes up on you during certain parts of it as well.

Another part of the tour consisted of going down to see the rapids. They were a number 6 rapids, the most dangerous ones. When we finished our tour we went to the amusement park area. We went to Margaritaville and had some drinks. Later that evening we went to another restaurant/ bar and had dinner. 

The next day we had to leave because I had my pre-graduation ceremony. So we hopped in the truck and drove off. We went a different way back into the states. We went on the bridge to get over the falls. The trip was a great trip and we cant wait to do it again.

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