Peaceful Park

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I know I talk about New York a lot, it is my favorite place to vacation. I could literally live there all day long if it were possible. One of the places that I love to go to in New York is Central Park. It is the biggest park in New York. They have a zoo a few lakes it is very pretty.

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Central Park has a zoo also. I’ve actually never been in it but we walked by it. There is a lot of statues in the park to. If you’ve read The big Apple I talk a little bit about the Balto statue in Central Park.

I love how you can see the big New York buildings in the distance as well. They look so far away but it is really cool to see them. You can do a lot in Central Park. You can have a picnic, can play baseball, at the park, go to the zoo, etc. It is really nice and a really cool place to see. If you ever go to New York Central Park is definitely the place to go.

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