Photos but a memory

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So I was going through some old pictures of when I was growing up to now. Looking at them I remembered a lot of old memories that came back to me. I found ones of those who were close to me. All of a sudden it was like it happened yesterday. One of the photos was of my Grandma. She was such a sweet lady. I remember when I was little she had a cat that just followed us every time we came over.

We ended up getting to keep her and I was so happy because I loved that cat. My grandma passed away when I was 11 years old. Just before 9/11 happened she died of lung cancer. The thing was she never smoked a day in her life, didn’t even want anyone around her if they did. It was a shock to everyone when they found out that is what she had. 

I Remember she would get gifts for all us grand kids through out the year and at Christmas time she would wrap a big box up and inside would be all the gifts she got for us. I was into Tweety bird so much that she always had a one in my gift box for me. She also bought things like dolls because they had brown curly hair and well I had brown curly hair.

Other pictures I found also reminded me of stuff I did growing up. I found a picture from when my family went to mammoth caves. We would go to mammoth caves about every four years. I remember that there was a dinning area in one called The Snowball Room.

It’s funny how when you look at pictures of the past all these memories and moments come back to you. It makes you want to make the memories last longer. It is always a good thing to take pictures of every moment possible. You never know when things will happen that you want to remember for the rest of your life.

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