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Planning trips is always so stressful. I know that when I decide I want to go on a trip most of the time, I feel like I need to find a place and just pack up and go. Well we know we can’t all just do that At least not without proper planning. Without proper planning trips become costly very fast. So I always want to start with where do I want to go?

Anyone that knows me knows I am in love with New York City. I don’t know why I love it so much but I do. Right now I am actually planning a trip for me and my boyfriend to go to Manhattan hopefully for next year November.

I know crazy right. Your probably thinking, why does this woman want to go somewhere cold? Why not somewhere warm? Your right why wouldn’t I want to go someplace warm? To me that is a simple question that I can answer. Yes, I would love to go somewhere warm, But I have always wanted to see the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller plaza.

Now I bet your thinking oh that’s a good reason. Well anyways, planning a trip is actually fun. It definitely can be very stressful for some. Like I said a few mins ago I start with where I want to go. When I find out where I want to go I do my research. What deals can I get? How can I get the best out of my money and where am I going to stay? Can’t forget when you plan on going.

I start off looking at the calendar to see what days I think would be great to go. For this trip that I am planning I picked after thanksgiving. Once I looked at the calendar for the tree lighting ceremony and had to change my dates.

Also when factoring your trip you need to figure out when you may be able to have enough money to go. When your on a budget most of the time that is hard to do. Which if you don’t know what activities you want to do knowing a budget is hard to do.

If you know your trip dates you can start planning what activities you want to do. My boyfriend and I went to New York before when I graduated college. We had a lot of fun, but we wanted to go to a musical while we were there.

Unfortunately there was not any shows we wanted to see. They were expensive, the ones they did have out. So for our trip this time I looked up musicals that will be playing during the time we are there. When I found the one we want to see I added it to the trip fund.

Most big cities have city or explorer passes. So you want to check into those as well. They save you a lot of money. Check as well, they have a lot of deals on things you can do.

NYC Sightseeing Pass

I research what all the activities that New York has to offer, and trust me you will not be bored in The Big Apple. Once you have your list of activities I would check the city passes and compare prices.

Last New York Trip, I got the 3 activity pass for the both of us. You have to pay for the passes by how many people and how many activities you want to do. With the 3 activities we were able to do the hop on bus, Empire State Building, and top of the rock. We also went to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island but we did that separately.

New York CityPASS

Once you got your activities all calculated you got to either calculate in food prices for each day your there. You can ever make sure you bring your own food if you plan to make it even cheaper and cook. New York is expensive at some places and some places it’s not that expensive. I factor in probably about $20 a meal could be less could be more depending on where you go.

Also for our last trip to New York we also went to niagra falls. We saw couples sharing their drinks and meals to make it cheaper. I really like that idea especially if you are on a budget.

You got to do the number one important thing when going on a trip. Find a place to stay. Not only do you want the cheapest you can find but I for one want a good rated hotel. As well as a good location.

Last time we went, I will be honest I went with the cheapest off the island. It was a nice hotel don’t get me wrong but the commute to and from the hotel to the city was hard. We stayed in New Jersey and took shuttles in. We felt like we really could not enjoy ourselves all to much because we felt like we had a curfew .

We had to be back to the shuttle at a certain time. This time I am factoring in what places the subway gets to. We can stay either in the city or out of the city and still be able to do our thing. We want to go to the hotel when we want to. When you decide what area you want to stay in, you can look for hotels in that area.

I like to use when looking for a hotel. They show you the full price before tax and charges for your stay. Say you are staying for three nights. The hotel costs 150 a night, they show you 450. Most other sites don’t show that, they show you the price by night which is fine too. It all depends on your preference.


When I find my hotel I calculate how much gas it will cost us to get there. If your taking a plane or train you factor in the ticket price. There you go add it all up and there’s your budget. I like to play around after I get my budget and subtract or add things. To see how I can go about the trip as cheap as possible and still have fun.

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