Potato Creek State Park

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Last year we went to potato creek for our usual Memorial Day weekend trip. The views are gorgeous and you drive through a lot of woods to get to the campsite. They have a nature center that has a lot of activities that they plan for visitors.

Well it was raining a lot and well just our luck the campsite was flooded. We were walking in about one foot of water no shoes for us. It was so bad it was like we had a pool in our site. All the other sites we drove pass were not remotely that bad.

The next morning we went to the people in charge of the grounds and asked if we could switch sites. They told us they couldn’t do that because they were full. They also said they could put straw down to help with the water. So we waited for someone to come put straw down. After another hour we went there again and said no one came yet with straw and we need something were practically swimming in our site.

This time someone else said they can’t do straw anymore and that the person that told us that was misinformed. They could not do anything. This time however we took the kids with us and I think that them seeing the kids made them decide to move us because they gave us a choice of two campsites to move to.

The new campsite was so much nicer we walked back to the campsite packed everything up in the truck and drove everything over to the new campsite. It was not to far away from the park either so the kids rode their bikes down and played at the park while we set up the campsite.

That afternoon we went to the nature center and learned about turtles, fed the birds and the squirrels, and even named a spider. The kids had so much fun and they loved feeding the animals. We spent most of the night making dinner and popping popcorn on the campfire.

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The next morning we made breakfast and the kids went to play at the park. We spent the day just relaxing, and packing up most of the things that we did not need. The baby was not feeling well but she was definitely happy and trying to play.

The kids came back and we all played cards, dominoes, and ball. Then had dinner and went to sleep. The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast and packed everything up and went home.


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