Potty training

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Everyone says that potty training is always the easiest with girls. I don’t see it. I don’t even see how it’s easy. My youngest is in the potty training stage now and I tell you it’s not easy at all.

She likes the idea and she is definitely ready to go but she hates sitting on the potty after two seconds. Most of the time she likes her bath time duck but if she can’t see it she doesn’t ask for it.

The other day she did really good with potty training. She was dry all day peed in the potty like it was normal for her. Had one accident at nap time and pooped in her pull up at nap time. Then the next day she had an accident in her undies. She knew she went too cuz she points to her underwear and says “I poo mommy I poo.”

My two oldest was a lot harder to train as well. Most of that was because it seemed like I would get them to go at my house but when they went back to their dads it seemed like they weren’t having the constant help.

That probably wasn’t the case but it seemed like my boyfriend and I was the only ones helping them work at it. But now there is two of us working at it for sure. In fact I watch a couple kids from here and there and they as well are potty training so I feel as if it should be easier.

I guess time will tell. The smile on my youngest face doess make me the happiest. It’s cute she will look up and smile when she is about to go. As soon as I hear that pee sound I cheer her on. It makes her so happy especially to know that she did good.

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