Rainy Day

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Rain never hurt anyone, that’s what I was told all the time growing up. It’s a rainy day today. Just like any other day I’m at home with the kids enjoying the day we have. My youngest loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and puppy dog pals.

So we decided we would watch them. She just loves to cuddle up with mommy and star at the tv. While she watches her shows I just look outside at the rain the trees and all the leaves on the ground.

I don’t like being cold so I’m not a big fan of fall, but I love the leaves changing color and the spooky feel of Halloween. This is the time where I get the rest of my gardening out of the way. Yesterday I pulled all my tomatoes they are mostly green but they can still change to their yummy redness.

It’s the time where all my herbs need to be transported into new pots for the winter and brought in before it gets colder out. We put decorations out and I love to enjoy looking at them. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

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