Seen Garth Check Yes or No!

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Although he did not sing that song I still had a lot of fun at his concert on Saturday. The day the tickets went on sale, I tried to buy two for my boyfriend and I. Unfortunately a lot of people were buying them out from under me. We thought for sure we would not get to go.

We pretty much didn’t even want to listen to the radio. All they did was talk about Garth Brooks in concert, first time ever making history. It made us so mad because we really wanted to go to his concert, we had never been to Notre Dame Stadium and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So hearing all the talk on the radio about the history making even made us really mad because I was in line to get the tickets and just didn’t get lucky enough to get them.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend was looking at stub-hub so we could get tickets to see his favorite football team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, play against Detroit. He seen this thing about tickets to Garth Brooks concert. The show was a sold out show, but he decided he would look at the site anyway. Boy were we glad that he did. He was able to buy two tickets to the concert!

He surprised me with them a week before the concert as well. It was just so amazing, I didn’t think anything better could happen. I went on my Twitter, instagram, and my Facebook and posted about how I was gonna have great news! I finally told everyone what it was just before we went.

Day of the concert, we took our youngest to her grandparents. They watched her for the night for us. Then we drove to the concert. We were gonna park in general parking but we ended up passing the entrance and when we were about to use the turn around to go back we seen a parking sign at this guys house. So we parked there paid the guy for parking (we would have had to pay anyway to park) and we walked to the Notre Dame Stadium.

We walked to the ground floor entrance and asked where Gate A was (this was the Gate we were supposed to go to). The guard pointed us into the right direction and we headed off. We got through security and made our way into the stadium. We could have stood there for hours just soaking it all in. I mean this was our first time ever standing in Notre Dame Stadium.

Eventually we walked up two flights of stairs to go to our seats. On the way to our seats we stopped and bought our souvenir shirt and headed to get a hot dog and hot chocolate. Once we did all that we finally went back to our seats. We were sitting there enjoying our view and soaking it all in. After about a minute or two a lady came and sat next to us.

She asked us if it were just the two of us in our party and we of course said yes. Not sure of why she really was asking us. Then she said “Would you like better seats?” We said yea of course and asked what she meant by better seats. Then she explained to us that she was with the band and that they go around to people in the crowd and up grade them. She said we could keep our original tickets and all we had to do was keep a wrist band on, of which she gave us. We were given seat tickets but she said that we probably would not use them. Definitely was right about that.

We were shown where to go and to just show the guy our band and they will point us in the right direction. So we did and it was legit! We got to walk all the way down to the stage. It was really rainy and cold but we were not mad at all our whole night was turned around.

Since it was so rainy and a little bit of snow they delayed the concert for about 30 mins. When it started up we decided we would go stand by the stage. Boy were we glad we did because when we went up there the staff were checking wrist bands and when we showed them our wrist bands they said oh wow get up there it’s so much better view. We were v.i.p! We got to stand by the stage, we were touching the stage! It was even better than we thought would ever happen!

Every once in a while the staff would check everyone’s bands and if they were not the ones like ours then they had to go back behind a green line where the camera guys walked to tape the whole thing. Garth Brooks put on a great show.

He sang old songs and new songs, he even sang Notre Dames song. The band came out to the parts of the stage we were at. So did Garth, the stage was the shape of a star and Garth and the band people would go on the points to where all the crowd was at.

Garth grabbed my boyfriends hand and gave a hi-five to me. It was so cool, I never got to experience any of that stuff at a concert before. The concert lasted about two and a half hours. Once we were up at the stage it was like we were not cold anymore we were dancing and singing all the songs he was singing.

He even announced that he will end his tour back in Notre Dame. I for one want to go back to see his last concert of the tour. If you would like to watch the concert it will air on CBS December 2nd 2018. More than likely you will get to see us on the tv. So tune in to CBS on December 2nd!


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