Sunday funday

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Every other Sunday we go up to Michigan to get two of the three oldest from their dad’s. Today was one of those Sunday’s. It was such a nice drive I even got some nice pictures of the river. My kids are always so excited to see us, I love it.

My oldest daughter just couldn’t wait to tell me about school and the harvest fest that they had at school yesterday. 

They were so excited to get home to play with their baby sister. It’s football season too so the kids were all excited for there teams to play. I don’t know what was up with today’s games. They were so off, the Vikings, I mean seriously what was that? Worst thing is it was against the bills who have done nothing yet this year.

I’m not too mad though because my Bears won and that means they are the lead team in my area. Yea that is how our Sunday’s go, watch football all day long! My boyfriend is a football pro he knows everything about football, he watches every game.

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My Bears were a close game though at first I thought They were going to lose but the Bears came back and we dominated, 16-14 all about that Win! Then we spend the rest of the night watching the Lions and the Patriots.

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