The House That Built Me

You know when you see a picture or a building, maybe a person that you remember from your past. It brings back a bunch of memories that you had. My Grandpa’s house is just that. This is the house that built me.

Just recently my mom told me and my siblings that they sold my Grandparents house. For some it may not mean much to you. You may think well it’s just a house. It is not just a house to me, who had the memories.

You see my grandpa just passed away December 19th, 2017. He was a veteran, a father, a husband, a grandfather, a great grandfather. He was best christian man you would have ever met.

Just last June my grandpa decided to finally retire from his business. He owned a junk yard. Within those last six months leading up to his passing he got sick. He was in and out of the hospital.

In December he passed away and on his birthday in April, we buried his ashes with my grandma, his first love, and first wife. It would have been amazing if someone in my family could have bought my grandparents house. It would had been great so that his house could have been in the family just a while longer.

Unfortunately things don’t always happen like you’d hope they would. Like I said earlier my mom just told us that they sold his house. To me the last bit of memory we had of him and my grandma. It just hit my sister today and she had posted a picture of his house on her Facebook.

That’s when it hit me for real, me seeing his house in her picture reminded me of so many memories. So many family Christmas, reunions, holidays, all that we did at Grandma and grandpa’s came in to my head.

It definitely makes you think about the people in your life that you want to make memories with. Live in the moment because you never know when tomorrow will never come. Especially when you never know if you have tomorrow.

I wish my grandpa would still be here to see me walk down the isle when I get married again. If could see my oldest learn to drive, OK I’m getting a head of myself there. The point is that you should cherish every moment you have. Make your memories last a life time. Never stop making them.


  • Tim Willow

    It’s difficult letting go, often you want to keep those things, as memories are locked inside them. Yet sometimes moving on is the healthy thing. It can be hard to maintain a balance

  • Krysten

    My grandma has been gone for several years and I miss her dearly. Her phone number is still in my phone even though it isn’t even her number anymore, and I don’t know that I’ll ever remove it.

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’d like to say that times makes it easier but honestly… some people you just miss forever.

    • hopejoy90

      I definitely understand that. Two of my kids’ aunt passed away I was really close to her and I still have her number and my grandpas number in my phone. I don’t think I’ll ever delete them either. When your close to people I guess it just makes it seem a lot harder to do. It’s one of the last things you have of them.

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