Top Ten Things to do in New York City

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There are several things that you can do in New York City. You will never be bored that’s for sure. They have shopping, food, grocery stores,theaters, hotels, transportation, etc. You name it more than likely they have it. There are even day passes that you can get so that you can have an even more enjoyable time and get more for your money. There are several things that you can do to have fun in New York City. It’s a busy city also, so everyone moves fast. The must-see things would be:

  1. Empire State Building- This attraction is one of the main ones. You get to go pretty much on top of the world. You go to the 86th floor in an elevator. While you are in the elevator, they have a small video you look at the ceiling for. It explains a little bit about the tower. Then when you get to the 86th floor you walk through their gift shop that leads you to outside. The best time to go is either for the sunrise or the sun set. I have been to the empire state building twice now and I love it. You do have an option that you can pay extra to go into the tippy tippy top as well.

2. Top of the Rock- This one is also perfect for views of the city. The best time to go is during the day. You can see all Central Park a lot better up there as well. Top of the rock has a bunch of stores in the building leading up to the top. You’re not as high as the Empire State Building, but you are still pretty much up there and can see mostly the Upper Manhattan area. It is very windy up there. You have a glass window that protects you from falling. You also get lots of beautiful views too. The most beautiful one is Central Park though because it is the only big rectangle if greenery that you will come across. You can walk all around the top of the building.

3. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island- Now this is defiantly a must see. You take a ferry to liberty island and can see the Statue of Liberty, you can even pay extra to go in and see inside of the statue. You get to walk around all of Liberty Island. They even give you a commentary story as you walk around the whole island. You can see Manhattan in the distances. When you are done with seeing the statue you then take the ferry to Ellis Island. If you’ve seen the movie Hitch, then you have seen inside the building at Ellis island. It is defiantly much better in person. If you have family or know of anyone that came over to Ellis Island, they have computers that will show you the area that the person’s name is at on the wall. The wall is in the back of the building.

4. Time square- It is a must, it is the main part of New York City. It is the biggest advertising center ever and the lights are just phenomenal. The best time to go is at night time. The lights show up better at night and you can see Time Square in all its beauty. It feels like time has just stopped and you want to just soak it all in. you defiantly want to just take a moment while you are there and just relax take it all in and enjoy the moment.Sometimes when you go there you more than likely will get to see street performers. The street performers will show their talents off to everyone. People will give money to the performers for the show they give everyone. One person even acts like a statue and will dance when you give him money. A few other performers can do back flips over a whole bunch of people. It is defiantly a site to see. Some will even do other things to show of their talents. At night there are a lot more crowds than during the day because everyone wants to enjoy the lights.

5. Central Park- It is the biggest park of New York City, you can walk, jog, run, ride a bike, even take a horse drawn carriage ride,throughout the park. The carriage rides are so romantic if it is just you and your significant other. You must make reservations for the horse carriages the day of your expected ride. Check out online the different packages that they have that you can choose from. They have so much to do in the park, a zoo, there are like three lakes, and there is the playground. So much to do, they even have statues in the park as well, my favorite, the Balto statue. If you ever go to Central Park defiantly stroll pass the Balto statue. If you do not know who Balto is, look up the movie Balto. It explains his whole story. They even write about him on the statue as well for visitors.

6. American Museum of Natural History- This Famous museum has been in numerous movies. Couple of them are, Night of the museum and We’re back.This museum has some discounts and free days for kids. It has a lot of attractions in the museum. They teach you about the unseen things in the oceans.They even let you hang out with the butterflies. You can see the wilderness and let your imagination fly. They have lots of exhibits including stuff about space, bears, and dinosaurs.  It is a great museum and you learn all sorts of things. They have bugs, mummies,airplanes, etc. This museum even teaches you about the human body and the brain. They even have special exhibits that you can go to. There is even an app that you can download and get to interact in the museum with.

7. Musicals- Everyone has heard of musicals. Theater District is the home of musicals. If you’ve been to New York City chances are you have seen a musical, and if you haven’t then you are missing out. New York City is like the main place for musicals or Broadway shows. You can see any musical in New York City pretty much before any other place in the USA. Most Broadway shows are anywhere between two to three hours. They are recommended for people six and up. Some musicals allow kids that are four to six depending on how good they are throughout the show. Some musicals are on the expensive side and others at a bit cheaper. Either way they are a great time for entertainment. Download TKTS, with this app you can see what is playing and how much. You can even buy tickets from the app while you are there.

8. Shoreline Sightseeing Cruise- This cruise is perfect for your sightseeing needs from a different perspective. Yea you can get the site seeing perspective from the main land. Except there is nothing like when you can get the sightseeing from the water. You can see things from the side as opposed to being up close. You can get full better views as well. Some of the cruises will take you all around the Manhattan. Those cruises take about Five hours and you get to see more of New York City. The cruises usually take about two to three hours, but the ship has everything you need from snacks and drinks to even bathrooms.

9. Hop on hop off bus- These buses take you all over the city and the best thing you can get back on anytime you want during your paid time. So,if you do one day on the bus then you have till their last bus time to use it. If not, then well you pretty much missed out. There are Hop on Hop off spots allover town. So, if you go passed China Town and you want to go shopping, then you can hop off and go. You can even walk to the next stop and wait for the next hop on bus to hop back on and continue with your tour. There are four different routes that the hop on hop off buses take. So, you will get to learn all about New York City and the city. They give complementary headphones that you can hear the tour guide talk to you about what you are passing and seeing. They have seating when you get on the bus and they have seating up at the top. I prefer the top because you get much better views and of course better ways to get great pictures.

10. Food on Foot Tours, if you like food (admit it who doesn’t)then you’ll love the Food on Foot Tours. You even have a few different choices to choose from. You can do a tour with a group of people or on your own. Make sure you get your metro card, so you can go on the subway during the tour. You get to tour Manhattan and eat the fine cuisines of the city. You get to travel all over New York City and taste the different cuisines that they have from little Italy to china. I like the on your own tour because you can choose where to goon your own time. That way if you are full you can go to the next stop later when you are hungrier. You can even shop around the city and do some site seeing on your way to the next choice. You can even do it in your own order. If you get the New York City pass you can even get a discount on the tour or you can get discount on other things that the card gives you.

These are the top ten activities that are the best things to do in the big Apple. If you get to go to New York City make sure you check out these places. You will be glad you did. There are so many things in New York City. There are spy escapes where you can become a spy. There is also the high line. When you go to New York City you really cannot do it all in a day you will need to have a few days to do stuff. Even then you cannot do it all. If I could I would put all of them on the list, but there is just so many it was hard to choose. So, I just picked ten. If you would like to find more check out my post the big Apple. I talk about my trip to New York City.

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