Two Year Olds Love

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Today we had my youngest’s healthy families lady come over. We get a monthly visit from them till my baby is three. While she was here the little ones were loud, playing, and having fun. Normal two year old behavior.

The moment she left I put baby first on for the little ones to watch as I figured we can play a learning game while it’s on. The moment we started to watch it both the girls eyes were engaged and set on the TV. They would not move from where they were.

When I say they were set on the TV, I mean they were staring at the TV. They didn’t want to move, jump around, scream at the top of their lungs, or any of that. It was definitely different and not their normal behavior.

The craziest thing is that whenever the show would go to commercial, it was a day and night difference. They acted like they were monkeys and that they were not just watching anything. As long as they are learning I guess I am OK with that. Baby first TV teaches them counting, colors, and shapes, and so much more.

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