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Well if you haven’t learned by now my name on my website is Living Life Drinking Wine. Well that is because I love to live life and drink wine in my down time. Over the last few years my boyfriend and I have tried different wines that we like.

Our number one favorite is an Italian blend import called Roscato it is a sweet red wine. We first tried it when we went to Olive Garden it cost us about $30 for a bottle. Of course that is how they make money off it.

Wine Access

When we were there they told us that you could only get it there and no other place had it. We soon we found that to be a lie because they sell it at Walmart, martins, and the liquor store to name a few. Click on this link for a wine lovers exclusive. 

So for pretty much when we buy anything else we usually buy the Roscato as well. Now I’m no expert when it comes to wine but I sure do like the tastes of some of them.

Of course number one on the list, as I already mentioned, is the Roscato. This wine is a blend of black cherries and wild berries. It pairs well with tomato-based sauces and spicy foods. Don’t just take my word for it go ahead and try it for yourself.

Wine Access

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