Witches, Bats, and Ghost Oh My!

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I love Halloween time the kids can make all sorts of hollowtastic crafts. Like these ones.

What you need:

1. Toilet-paper rolls

2. Construction paper

3. Scissors

4. Paint brush

5. Paint

6. Tape

What you do:

1. Take the toilet paper roll and cover it with construction paper. Cut it to the right length.

2. Tape the construction paper on the roll, this way it stays and can’t come off the roll.

3. Cut off the extra parts that you will need, for a bat cut out black wings, which cut a hat and a nose, ghost cut a skirt for the bottom.

4. Tape the extra parts on the toilet paper rolls. It’s starting to look more like witches, bats, and ghosts

5. Then we paint the faces on them. Once they dry you can put string on them and hang them up as decorations or just let them sit on the counter as decorations too.

Just like that you have a bunch of Halloween decorations for your house. Spooky isn’t it?

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